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A few years ago during a dark period of my life I decided to dust off my DSLR and learn how to use it.  How to really use it. I booked a private waterfront cottage that was a throw back to the 70's.  No TV or internet. I spent a week alone with 2 photography books,  2 lens and my camera.  I fell in  love that summer.

Photography in a way saved me and I am so very grateful. When I'm taking photos I am completely outside of my head in a peaceful place where everything has potential beauty.  I've learned to look at things very differently and also learned never ever leave my camera at home! 

After over 20 years of working in a corporate setting my position was eliminated.  What to most would have been devastating, to me was an amazing gift.  Thanks to a generous severance package  I find myself shooting everyday, traveling, taking photography and art classes and learning as much as I possible from the many talented local photographers.

When I am not chasing the light I enjoy kayaking, cooking, pilates and anything crafty. 

I am located on the South Shore of Massachusetts and specialize in Branding, Stock and Fine Art Photography.

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